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Bookkeeping Services and Management Accounts.

Callan Accountancy offers an efficient and affordable Bookkeeping and Management Accounts service. With offices in Glasgow and Lanarkshire, we’re ideally placed to work with any business in central Scotland.

Company law requires that all companies abide by statutory rules and regulations. They must include particular information in their accounts.

Callan Accountancy provides bookkeeping services to clients all over Scotland. We offer quarterly, monthly, and even weekly options. All businesses are required to keep accurate and up-to-date tax and VAT records. They must have a good bookkeeping strategy in place.

Good Bookkeeping can bring major benefits in improved efficiency. It means any information you need on the running of your business is likely to be very easy to find. You’ll make informed decisions faster. Answers to questions will be at your fingertips.

Our bookkeeping service includes working with:
• Sales and supplier invoicing records
• Cashbook and petty cash 
• Bank reconciliations, debtor and creditor lists
• Full management accounts service
• Maintenance of all VAT records

We can advise on bookkeeping and accounting systems that best suit your business. We provide all the support and guidance that you need. If you do have someone who is willing and able to take your Bookkeeping in-house we can help with training.

If you do not have support in place we can also provide the following options:
• Off-site Bookkeeping at our office
• On-site Bookkeeping at client premises

Off-site Bookkeeping at our office

Most clients require us to take care of everything for them. They choose to hand in their paperwork into our office on either a monthly or quarterly basis. We use this paperwork to prepare their tax and VAT returns. As there is no need for our staff to travel to your premises this saves time and is the most cost-effective option.

With our secure client document exchange, you can securely upload your information. Our SecureCloud option saves you from having to package it and send it to us. We work with a number of different software solutions and can select the appropriate option to suit your reporting requirements.

On-site Bookkeeping at client premises

Some clients do not have the time to prepare their documents for us. In these cases, we provide an on-site bookkeeping service. We send an accountant to visit your premises to prepare the relevant information.

We offer bookkeeping services to companies of all sizes. It’s ideal for small businesses and companies with balance sheets in the millions.

Employing a full-time bookkeeper can be expensive. The Callan Accountancy bookkeeping service is an extremely efficient and cost-effective alternative. We are a full-service accountancy and have a huge amount of expertise available. Should you need advice on any aspect of the running of your business we’re always on hand.

Management Accounts service

To make the right decisions for your business you need up-to-date information on how it is performing.

Always having the right information allows you to make critical decisions quickly. Our specialist team can provide management accounts on a monthly or quarterly basis. We include comparisons to budgets where possible.

We are happy to provide a full management accounts service. We can, however, use our skills to review and comment on your own management accounts. We can provide support and training to your in-house bookkeeper or accountant. They’ll get the support they need to provide accurate and timely information.

We can install and supply Sage Accounts, Quickbooks, and most leading software packages. We also offer online bookkeeping options. You can access these 24 hours per day remotely whilst out of your office.

We offer a Free Bookkeeping and Management Accounts Consultation

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