Helping you to achieve your financial goals.

Financial Planning. Identifying and achieving your financial goals.

Our financial planning company, Callan Financial Services, was formed to provide advice to company directors, professionals and business people. We aim to help our clients identify their financial goals and then set out a plan for achieving them.

Banks and building societies only offer their own range of financial products. Independent Financial Advisors give you a far wider choice of products. We are free to choose the best financial products for you from the whole of the marketplace. We have a far better chance of finding one that’s exactly right for you.

Independent Financial Advisors

We are completely impartial. We are a Glasgow based accountancy and pride ourselves on the quality of advice and our excellent customer service. We provide advice covering all areas of financial planning. We offer mortgages, loans, insurance as well as investment and pension advice.

We work with both individuals and companies on all aspects of financial planning. We tend to form lasting relationships with our clients over many years.

Questions we can help you find answers to:
1. Where am I financially?
2. What may I hope for?
3. Is my retirement secure?
4. Can I reduce my exposure to Inheritance Tax?
5. What, if anything, should I be doing now?
6. What if something happens to me?

The first meeting is always free of charge. Our clients are at liberty to choose whatever method of paying for our work (fees or commission) suits them best.

Life Stage Review

We all have things that we never get around to doing, we all know that there are some very important matters that we need to attend to, but we just keep pushing them back, always thinking that there will come a time when we know we will need them, and at that point, we will do what is required.

At Callan Financial Group, we can help bring this together for you in a report that will outline all the things you need to do, and allow you the comfort of a checklist that you can then go through to make sure you cover all the key issues that will impact on you.
The report is a unique look at you as an individual, or as part of a business.

You will meet with our Director, Brendan Kelly who will go through all the key areas of your life, discuss key issues that he thinks that YOU should be thinking about, go into detail on the reasons why and then provide you with the report and a list of recommended advisors that will suit you

If you would like to take advantage of this free consultation, contact us on 0141 204 0930.

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