How to replace a lost Certificate of Incorporation

Certificate Of Incorporation

Occasionally you will have the need to supply your original Certificate of Incorporation but what can you do if you can’t find it? In many cases a replacement can be accessed free of charge but there are various other ways around it and a recent client enquiry prompted us to add this post. Download a […]

How do you know your business is doing and what are profits?

What Business Profits

A question we’re asked a lot at Callan is “how do I know how my business is doing”. Most accountants at this point will say something along the lines of “Let me go and check”. They don’t usually have the information to hand, as most of the time they are only focused on client’s VAT […]

Electric vehicles – mileage claims and charging

Electric Vehicles Mileage Claims Charging

EV Tax Efficiency Electric vehicles and low emissions (known as EV) are still a very tax efficient option for clients. Even though the BIK (Benefit in Kind) tax rates increase year on year, EV’s will continue to be a tax efficient option for business and employees alike. There are questions we regularly are asked in […]

Working Overseas and Non-Residency

Featured Uk Tax

Numerous factors can influence someone’s decision to leave the UK, such as lifestyle preferences, employment opportunities, or some other personal circumstances.

Is it easy to switch accountants?

Switching Accountants

It should be! Are you unhappy with your current accountant? Many people think that changing accountants is difficult and stressful but we can assure you that it doesn’t have to be that way. And it’s nowhere near as stressful as staying with an accountant that you are unhappy with, or one who is providing a […]

Are sponsorship costs tax deductible for my business?

Featured Sponsored

Sponsorship can be a great way to increase the awareness of your brand and get your business name seen by a lot of people. It can also be helpful in associating your brand name with the interests of your target audience. Depending on your area of business this can be more effective than less targeted […]

Why do some businesses seem to be recession-proof?

Featured Recession

Although we’re not yet officially in recession, we’re currently just managing to avoid it. The long-term effects of the COVID pandemic along with the war in Ukraine and the fear and uncertainty that has produced have caused major issues for the global economy.

Common Accountancy mistakes Scottish businesses make.

Featured Mastakes 2

Proper accounting is essential for any business. As we’re based in Glasgow and work with businesses all over Scotland, we can tell you that unfortunately, Scottish businesses are no exception. Keeping accurate financial records is crucial to the success of your company. It helps you track your expenses, manage your cash flow, and make well-informed […]

The importance of invoicing promptly: don’t delay sending your invoices!

Featured Invoice Payments

It sounds obvious but invoicing promptly is essential for any business. You may be surprised at how many businesses don’t. By sending out your invoices promptly, your company can maintain cash flow, improve customer relationships, and avoid late payments and other financial difficulties. At Callan Accountancy we always encourage our clients to invoice goods and […]

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