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We help construction maximise cash flow and become much more tax efficient by implementing easy-to-follow tax planning measures.

We're one of Scotland’s leading accountants specialising in working with construction companies.

At Callan Accountancy we have a deep understanding of the construction industry and the unique demands that are placed on companies in the construction sector.

We have key personnel at Callan who have direct experience working in the construction industry.

We can fully relate to the unique challenges experienced by Scottish construction companies. We can help you work more effectively with sub-contractors, helping you manage the expectations, ensure they get paid and that you have reliable relationships with them.

We have tailored software solutions that integrate with supplier accounting systems and ensure reliable information and payment transfers.

Construction company accountancy requirements are different

The construction industry works in a different way to standard business sectors and faces many different demands and challenges. Business owners need to be able to navigate ever-changing UK government tax laws such as Making Tax Digital while still adhering to Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) guidelines.

Construction companies are in a very dynamic business sector. The business environment changes fast. The recent Covid pandemic and economic downturn have had a dramatic effect on the sector. Companies must adapt quickly, optimise cash flow, stay compliant with regulations and be in control of tax planning. They need to be able to change direction quickly if required, and that can only be done successfully if business owners are completely up to date with their business financials.

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We can make running your construction company easier and more profitable. We put you in control, with the latest information at your fingertips.

Many construction companies, especially the smaller ones, balancing the work and the business financials extremely demanding and may struggle to cope or are unable to maximise the potential of their business.

We find that many companies suddenly find themselves losing control with business owners forced into making rash, potentially damaging decisions through a lack of organisation and up-to-date information.

Does this sound familiar? It doesn’t have to be this way.
With many smaller construction companies, the business owner is often a tradesperson themselves. They usually started their careers as joiners, electricians, plumbers or general builders. Their core skills are in getting the project delivered, not in working with finance. We find that in many cases receipts get lost. Invoices are sent out late and are often paid late. Cash flow becomes a real problem. Bills go unpaid until the last minute. Issues with sub-contractors become serious. They avoid contact with their accountant as they know their financials are in a mess and they don’t have time to deal with it. They get into a cycle where they almost fear their accountants. They’re too busy fighting fires to deal with an accountant asking for financial information.

Easy to use software makes everything much easier
We work with a lot of building companies and our staff have in the past run building companies themselves. We can show you easy ways to automate your business financials. Our innovative software allows business owners to easily deal with invoicing, chasing payments, easily automating bookkeeping tasks and so much more.

Callan can help construction companies develop a plan of action that ensures they stay in complete control. Suppliers and sub-contractors will be paid on time. You’ll be a lot less stressed and will have the time and information to hand to help you make better decisions. Our easy-to-use tools ensure that you keep on top of potential cash flow issues. Important financial information is only a click away. You’re always on top of your tax obligations.

We make sure that you fully understand and adhere to Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) regulations and we can help with all PAYE, VAT and contract questions. With our experience, we can give you the right advice quickly should you have any questions or run into any problems.

We work with main contractors, subcontractors and developers. We can help with setting up a new company, CIS registration, VAT Returns, Tax planning and cash flow management.

Quickbooks Platinum ProadvisorEverything your construction company needs
Callan also offers comprehensive Bookkeeping services. Our advanced financial tools can ensure that your financial incomings and outgoings are kept up to date in the easiest way possible. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without them.

Up-to-date financial records will be at your fingertips. You’ll be so much better informed and so much more in control. You’ll make better decisions for your business. You’ll be prepared for anything.

We really understand the construction sector and how the people in it operate. We work with a lot of Building, Scaffolding, Groundworks and Roofing businesses as well as Glazers, Decorators, and Landscaping companies both small and large. Companies all over Scotland trust Callan Accountancy to make sure they are organised and in the best possible position for their businesses to grow and prosper. Call us on 0141 204 0930.

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