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For our clients. Please take note of each of the deadlines that apply to you.

Self Assessment

The Self Assessment tax year end is 05 April each year. As a firm we require all clients to upload their information to Bright Manager which can be accessed through our website. We will endeavour to send a checklist each year which will be uploaded to Bright Manager and you will be required to complete this by 31 July following the tax period each year. Below is the general for each band of clients but please ensure you have a checklist by the start of May otherwise you must email and we will resend.

  •  For directors and employees this will typically be your P45/P60 for the year, bank interest and details of any other income.
  • For property rental it will be the same plus details of your income and expenditure for each property together with mortgage interest statement for each property.
  • For self employed we will require your sales to be upload to the receipt package and we recommend monthly at least you upload all receipts. This must be completed by 31 July each year. If you have any issue you must contact us by 30 April following tax year end
  • For directors we complete the limited company accounts for we will normally have your Payroll and dividend details, you must supply us with other income. 

We will endeavour to have all tax returns completed in the order we receive the information from clients, so it is important you send as early as you can and upload information required to Bright Manager in addition
If you fail to meet the 31 July deadline, we will at our discretion allow a further deadline of 31 October. Those who are allowed this extension, please note your work may only start after 01 November each year and the deadline will be considered 31 January following the tax year. For client received by 31 July we quote four to six weeks to have your return for signing but this can be affected but external matters.
For those clients who do not even meet the extended deadline of 31 October, we will consider your tax returns to be late and we suggest your find another agent. If you have personal well being concerns, please get in contact as we try to support all clients during time when they need us but we have to be firmer in deadline dates, to safe guard our own staff and the pressure all accountants experience in January each year with last minute work.
Please note all of above is designed to allow us to provide a smooth work flow and most important to advise clients of their second payment on account of tax and their final tax to be paid by the January and a estimate of their first payment for the following tax year. We are a caring firm and support all staff fo please contact us for clarification at
Please note this is the most busy inbox we have and whilst we will reply as best we can within 48 hours, if it is just to confirm you have sent information we will reply as we see is required.

Limited Company Accounts and Corporation Tax

When your company year end passes, we will have sent an automated email to you from Bright Manager to advise of the required information.

If we complete Book-keeping and Vat returns, we will have completed most of this on your preferred software. The request from Bright Manager we require you to have the details by the next calendar month at latest to allow us to plan our work. We then endeavour to have your accounts completed, then filed within three months of your year end.

For example, if your company year end is 31 December, we will require your backup information by 31 January, we will then plan to have completed, signed and filed by 31 March. When we ask for information, we appreciate this within 48 hours and queries we ask within same time frame. If there are delays in receiving this information, it can then mean we have to reschedule the work. As you would appreciate, if you give us timely information, you would not accept us delaying your accounts due to others who provide at late stage. Therefore if clients do not provide information as we request there is the possibility accounts will have to be filed late and the clients faces the need to pay these penalties.

VAT Returns

Following a vat period end, we require clients to have uploaded all information to their software within 7 days. From day 8 we will then start our book-keeper and/or review of returns, with a view to have with clients at latest by 21 of the month following vat return period end. During this period from 07 – 14 we will ask clients for any missing information, which must be received by 14 of month to then allow us 7 days to revise and finalise the returns. If these deadlines are not met, it might affect our ability to complete the vat return, leading to vat penalty points which came in from 01 January 2023. This replaced the fixed 5%, 10% and 15% system previously. This is now a points system which we can provide if required at

Payroll and CIS

For clients who have weekly and fortnightly, we will send a payroll request by the Monday AM following payroll period end but it will normally be a Friday AM. This is affected by late clients as we cannot run till ALL complete.

The absolute cut of is midday on the Wednesday for the payroll confirmation. The office will send a whats app business message at 11am on the Wednesday to remind those client who haven’t submitted of the deadline. At this point you may not get your staff details returned.

For weekly CIS payments we suggest the same midday deadline is adhered to but as the CIS week varies we will accept these until the Friday at midday.

For monthly CIS clients for both deductions and suffered, we will require you to send us all information by the 12 of the month to allow us 7 full days to update and tile the Monthly CIS returns. It is best to send in real time payments to subcontractors so if you pay them before month end we see no reason why we cannot have this on the 1st and send to you by 5th to sign and we file early.

The payment date for monthly sums is by the 22 of the month but again please try to pay this and send us CIS deductions suffered as early as possible to avoid this being missed and going into the next month.

Tax Investigation Insurance

We recommend all clients renew their tax investigation insurance by 31 December each year to keep them on cover. HMRC enquiries are rising and even basic enquiries can raise a bill to you of £1,000 plus VAT with more detailed enquiries in the region excess of £2,000 plus VAT especially for VAT-registered clients

Cover yourself against this and contact our admin team at for more details.

For expert help, advice and highly professional service, call our dedicated tax department on 0141 204 0930 during office hours. We have Accountancy offices in Glasgow and at Eurocentral in Lanarkshire in Edinburgh and Fort William.

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