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We understand the unique demands of the retail sector and offer the best help and advice.

Callan Accountancy are specialist accountants working with retail companies.

Our experienced accountants can work with you and advise on the best path forward for your business

From a Post Office on a Scottish island to a retail outlet on a Glasgow high street, we have worked with first, second and third generations of business owners.

We’ve helped one generation pass their businesses down to younger family members. We’ve helped business owners sell their businesses to new owners, helping them with the various tax implications that come with it.

The retail world has changed with online retailers having a huge impact on established retail companies. Business and franchise owners have allowed us to integrate modern software, POS and e-commerce into bespoke packages that will enable them to do what they do best and serve their clients while their business financials are handled quickly, efficiently and without fuss.

Businesses working with Callan Accountancy take advantage of modern technology that connects their POS equipment directly to their accounts, vat and book-keeping systems. Using innovative background automation software means clients reduce the times they spend sending their accountant financial information. They can use that time to support their customers, their staff and focus on growing their business.

We add value. We support clients. We give them the management information they need to assess how they can compete against the ever-growing number of business competitors.

Callan Accountancy clients get the best advice on how to be in complete control. Our business software tools give them comprehensive and up-to-the-minute insights into their business financials. They know exactly where they stand. They are able to optimise cash flow. Stock control is under control. They’re in full compliance with their tax obligations. Their Invoicing, Payroll and Bookkeeping are set up to be as efficient and effective as possible. Our tax planning advice means they are correctly prepared for the future and will not suffer any nasty surprises. Having peace of mind in these matters allows business owners to make better long-term decisions. And we’re only ever a quick phone call away should any questions arise.

Callan Accountancy makes sure our clients are organised and in the best possible position for their businesses to grow and prosper. Call us on 0141 204 0930.

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