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Self Assessment Tax Returns and Personal Taxation – we make it simple and affordable.

We help people all over Glasgow file Self Assessment Tax Returns quickly and efficiently.

The UK has one of the world’s most complex tax systems. Self Assessment should have helped ease the burden for unincorporated businesses. If anything, it has actually added to their burden.

We can help to relieve you of this by preparing your annual Self Assessment Tax Return.

HMRC has introduced severe penalties for Tax Return errors and late submissions. These apply even if you don’t have a tax liability to pay. They can quickly rise to over £1,200 shortly after the 31st January filing deadline each year.

Self Assessment is the way you calculate the personal tax you are due to pay HMRC. It requires that you fill in a Self Assessment Tax Return every year.

Save time, hassle and get complete peace of mind with your Self Assessment Tax Return

To make sure your Self Assessment Tax Return is accurate we strongly suggest that you talk to a taxation expert.

We complete Self Assessment Tax Return accurately and in good time. We give you complete peace of mind that you won’t be receiving any penalties from HMRC. We can also save you money by advising you of any expenses and allowances that you are eligible for.

Callan will liaise with your bank, building society or stockbroker to get the appropriate information for you. We calculate any tax liability you may have. Your return will be filed and we inform you of what you need to about payment. We’ll also tell you of any ways you could reduce the tax you have to pay. We would represent you should you be selected for investigation by HMRC.

Who needs to complete a Self Assessment Tax Return?

If you are self-employed, a company Director, Trustee or a member of a Partnership you’ll need to complete a tax return.

If you receive income from property as well as other taxable income, a foreign income or you are a high rate taxpayer who receives taxable income other than that from your PAYE employment income you’ll need to complete a tax return.

If you receive your only income from savings, investments or property that’s above certain thresholds, your income is above £100,000 or you have Capital Gains Tax to pay you’ll need to complete a tax return.

We are able to prepare capital gain and inheritance tax computations for you. You’ll get all the help and advice you need. People expecting capital gains tax bills for selling a second home are often surprised when we tell they have little or no liability.

A key service we offer to clients is in the area of taxation planning, aimed at minimising your future tax liabilities.

Personal Tax Planning

At Callan Accountancy we offer a comprehensive range of Personal Tax Planning services. People often need help optimising their tax positions and ensuring that they are compliant for issues such as:
• Income and Capital Gains tax
• Inheritance tax 
• Non-domiciliary taxes
• Trusts and estates 
• Inheritance tax planning

The tax regime is becoming ever more complex. You may well find that engaging an expert on personal tax is not only easier but is also a very cost-effective move.

Callan offers year-round tax advice so you’ll always know that you are 100% tax compliant. Our service is very affordable too.

If you’re looking for an Accountant in Glasgow or central Scotland and you need help with your Self-Assessment Tax Return call us on 0141 204 0930 to find out how we could help.

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